PhD Update – February

Well, I’m doing the cha-cha!

One step forward, two steps back!

First, the step forward — I finished my pine cone ornaments!  Or rather, I finished applying the cut and folded papers to three of the remaining balls and decided the final two were in fact snowballs, not pine cones, and declared myself finished!  I’ve even put them away in the Christmas decoration box so they are ready to go next Christmas when we put up the tree!

Now, the steps back — My dear friend Ethmay sent me this adorable barn owl scissor keep and needle case kit.  And, while I was waiting for Lance’s hockey game to start a few weeks ago I popped in to the Len’s Mill Store near the arena and found this sushi wallet kit.  For $2.99!  It includes all the yarn and the zipper too!  I am kicking myself for not picking up more kits, they are packaged up in little sushi take out boxes and would make lovely little gifts, either for crafters (the kit includes both knit and crochet instructions) or made up for muggles.  I haven’t started making either of them yet, but only because I have a bunch of rapidly approaching deadlines, but you can be sure I’ve been reading over the instructions and cannot wait to get started!


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