My top 5 knitting websites

  1. YouTube
  2. – I’m a visual learner when it comes to knitting. I find if I can see how something is done I have a better chance of being able to figure it out myself. I don’t have a favourite YouTuber, although there are many good ones, I typically search for the technique that is causing me troubles and watch two or three videos until it clicks in my brain.

  3. KnittingHelp
  4. – KnittingHelp is actually the website I learned how to knit from. The tutorials were so helpful when I was first starting out. Most techniques have a video for both English and Continental style, which is so helpful when I can only find the other style on YouTube!

  5. Knitty
  6. – I love Knitty! I don’t read the articles as often as I should, but everytime I do they are solid gold. I have kitchener stitch memorized now, but everytime I do it I *have* to pull up the Techniques with Theresa article just in case I forget how halfway through!

  7. Craftsy
  8. – While I am not a fan of the other aspects of their site, I love the on-line classes Craftsy offers.  The classes are offered in several different types of crafts.  I have several knitting, sewing and cooking classes, and have my eye on a photography class I’d like to take.  They offer a couple of free knitting classes if you want to check the style before paying for a class.

  9. Ravelry
  10. – I check Ravelry more times in a day than I should admit to! It is such a great resource in so many ways, the pattern and yarn databases, the sense of community in the different forums, the project and stash databases… there are so many wonderful aspects of Ravelry!


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