S & P’s the way for me!

What a week!  Things are starting to settle in to a rhythm and Lance’s appointments with the sports medicine doctor have gone well so far.  They take a lot out of him, so we’re trying to take things as easy as possible.

As a special treat for him while he recovers we had barbecued steak over the weekend.  We’re normally big fans of barbecue sauce, but we were inspired to try a new method from an episode of Letterkenny of all places!

The basic plan is you take a steak (we used a t-bone), rub it with salt and pepper, grill at 450F for 2 minutes a side, flipping twice for “the good grill marks”.  Of course, on the show Wayne uses saltier language to describe the process, but I’m sure you get the gist.

It turned out really well.  I was a little cautious because I tend to prefer my steak a little bit closer to the medium side of medium rare but I ate the filet section from the photo above and it was perfect.  I can definitely see us trying this method again in the future!


One thought on “S & P’s the way for me!

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