The Knitter’s Almanac

If you haven’t read the Knitter’s Almanac, I highly recommend it.  In January, EZ writes about making a sweater, and gauge.

I know I’m supposed to do gauge swatches, and a lot of the time I do.  I understand how they are useful for sizing and calculating yarn requirements, learning new stitches and, yada, yada, yada…. I do them, but grudgingly.  So when EZ suggested making a hat as a gauge swatch for a sweater my ears perked up.  I never know what to do with my swatches after I’ve taken the row/stitch counts from them.  Sometimes I keep them, sometimes I frog them and reuse that yarn to cast on the project, a lot of times I lose them, so to have something useful to show for my efforts when all is said and done sounds so good to me!
I’ve been thinking about knitting a sweater.  I’ve been thinking of knitting a specific sweater.

You see, my barn coat* is wearing out.  It’s ok, I paid $5 for it 4 years ago so I got my moneys worth and more out of it, but it is my favourite coat.  So I have been on the lookout for a replacement.  And I think I’ve found one.

The Sami Sweater by Sue Flanders and Janine Kosel from Norwegian Handknits: Heirloom Designs from Vesterheim Museum has been on my radar for longer than I can remember.  I love the style of it, and I totally have a soft spot for hoodies.

Then, when we were killing time before Lance’s hockey game a few weeks back I found some beautiful lopi yarn, in neon pink and highlighter yellow, on sale!  My mind was racing, how awesome would that sweater be, in the pink and yellow (with a milder third colour and a neutral main colour), but modified to have a zipper up the front (I could learn how to do steek!), so I cast on a hat!

I used the same motif as the edge of the sweater to practise colourwork and things were going well.  I’m trying to decide if I want to make the hat slouchy or if I want to make a giant pom-pom for the top.  What do you think?

* note for city people: a barn coat is like a work coat, mine is (pink) flannel and looks like a flannel shirt over a hoodie sweatshirt.  I could probably count on my fingers the number of times I actually wore it in a barn.


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