The Pink Bucket of PhDs

My name is Audrey, and I am a chronic project-starter.  It has been less than an hour since I started my most recent poject.

But, I have a system!  She said, completely aware of how she is rationalizing, and totally sounds like a compulsive gambler. I have two baskets, a small wicker one which has my current WIP (work in progress), my standard tools, whatever book I’m reading right now, that sort of stuff, in it.  And a large pink plastic basket (bucket?  Thing?  Not sure), that sits in the front room, with all my PhDs (projects half done) in it.  Some projects are in there because I needed to give them a time-out so I could wrap my head around a technique, some because they weren’t the right type of project for the time (ahem, lace at Lance’s sport-ball games), some because they have a million-zillion little pieces and I can only do so many at a time, and some just because something New!Shiny! caught my eye.  Or I just didn’t feel like doing that type of craft at the time, which is a problem I’m sure other multi-craftual people also have… (right?)

Normally, I’ve been pretty good about keeping my projects corralled but the bucket is starting to get over-full, and there are some projects that have been languishing for longer than I really care to admit.  I’m ok with projects going in to and out of (and sometimes back to) the bucket, but I really want to be net decreasing the number of projects I have in progress.  I’m going to do a monthly inventory, making special notes on what gets added to the bucket (and why) and what gets removed from the bucket (and why – hopefully most will be because I finished them, not because I frogged them!)

Ready?  Let’s get down to it.

As of January I have:

  1. A latch hooked bear that just needs to be assembled – originally bought to make for my cousin’s baby.  The baby is now almost a decade old.
  2.  6 Canadian pennies (2 – 1982, 2 – 2003, 2 – 2006) to represent the years Lance and I were born, met and were married.  I really had no idea what I wanted to make with these but when Canada decided to get rid of the penny I thought I should hang on to these years to make something.  I just don’t what what that something is…
  3. My Millefleurs muff – I am an awful crocheter, so I am very slow and avoid it when I can… and once the crochet is done I need to sew all the little flowers on!
  4. My Tiered Jasmine shawl – I got about 10 rows in, and then needed the needles for another project… and promptly forgot about this one.
  5. My Evenstar – this is a gorgeous shawl, lovely yarn, wonderful pattern… I just can’t get my act together to knit it!
  6. A cross-stitch horse picture – I don’t even remember when I got this project to be honest.  I used to love cross-stitch but I haven’t done any for ages.
  7. Cute little pine cone ornaments – I found these on Pinterest and thought they would be really cute.  Got the paper cut, a lot of it even folded, then ran out of time.  And again, promptly forgot about them. 

So, that’s a lot… it’s actually more than I thought there was.  And if I’m being honest, I’m sure there’s more that’s been tucked away, set down, moved when company was coming over, and all eventually forgot about.

Time to buckle down I guess!  I know I’ll always have projects in various states of not-quite-done-yet, but I’m going to aim for a net reduction… or at least enough that it doesn’t look like the basket is going to topple over at any moment!


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