New Year’s Day Brunch Plans

Hopefully you are having a peaceful, loving, happy holiday!

We had a bit of a kerfuffle Christmas Eve with not one but two valve stems on the Jeep blowing out.  If it was any other day it would have been an “aw, dang”, five to ten minute fix (even with me “helping”).  After dinner, on Christmas Eve, it was a little bit more of a problem than that!  Fortunately, we were able to get things sorted out and were able to spend some lovely, quality time with our families, even if it was a shorter amount of time than originally intended.

We’re home safe and sound now, so we can turn our attention to the next big celebration: New Year’s Day!

Lance and I decided several years ago that, for us, going out for New Year’s Eve was too much of a much.  Under normal circumstances we’re homebodies, so curling up on the couch with a couple of good movies and maybe flipping the tv over to watch the countdown if we notice it’s getting close to the time (and not caring if we miss it) is much more our style.  This year’s showings are shaping up to be some combination of Gettysburg (since we missed the traditional family showing with Lance’s dad), the second half of Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 mini-series version), season 2 of Letterkenny and season 3 of Sherlock to get ready for season 4 on New Year’s Day!

New Year’s Brunch is an open house sort of thing, with food throughout the day.  Things are laid back, things are generally chill and the “rules” are pretty lax.  Actually, the only real rules are (1) call before you get here and (2) the Tournament of Roses Parade will be on (unless New Year’s Day is a Sunday, like this year), so deal with it.

Foodwise, we typically graze.  So once we are up and ready to potentially receive our guests, I pull out a fruit tray and a batch of mini-doughnuts.  If you like to fry you can make your own a day or so beforehand, if not store bought on a nice plate is fine, the point of this party is to relax and spend some downtime with friends during the holidays before returning to normal life, don’t knock yourself out!  If you’re feeling guilty about not making them yourself, you could make kabobs with alternating fruit and mini-doughnuts.  Or put skewers in a tall glass between the fruit tray and the plate and let your guests make their own!  Add a plate of cheese and crackers, some cured meats, maybe some croissants and you’re in business!  For us, and several of our friends, so much of the holidays is a command performance,  with where we are supposed to be, at what time, with who, eating what being dictated because “it’s tradition!” So this party is a conscious rejection of that.  Show up when you show up, eat what you like, sit where you like, just be merry!

We make sure to have the coffee on, and several varieties of tea, as well as milk and sugar for those who use it.

I like to make up a mimosa bar with three or four types of fruit juice and a bottle or two of sparkling wine or sparkling grape juice.  Traditionally mimosas are made with orange juice but I can also highly recommended lemonade or limeade. I’ve also noticed several recipes for apple cider mimosas on Pinterest, and while I haven’t tried they yet, I will definitely consider them while doing my grocery shopping tomorrow!  The recipe for mimosas is dead simple and barely worth writting out so in honour or my knitting the Knitter’s Almanac in the new year I’m taking a page from EZ’s book and writting some pithy derections like she would.  Ready?  Ok – pour about half a glass of your choice of bubbly and half a glass of your choice of juice.  And basically that’s it.  Some people like to garnish with fruit, some people don’t, some people prefer more bubbly, some less.  Experiment a little (responsibily!) and find out what your preferred combination is and then go with it!

Around one or so, Lance will put on the roast beef.  We cook ours low and slow so the smell fills the whole house and it is glorious!  About an hour or so before it is done we’ll add in the potatoes, onions and carrots around the outside of the roast.  Then, around six, it’s time to dig in!

The whole spread is simple and clean up is fairly straight forward!  Just the way to start the New Year off if you ask me!

So, what are your plans for New Year’s Day?


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