Knitting the “Knitter’s Almanac”

I’ve had a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac since about a year or so after I started knitting.  I’ve read through it, and referred back to it so many times that it flops open to certain sections almost automatically (one row button hole, Emily Ocker’s Circular Beginning)!

I love EZ’s conversational style of writing, it feels like sitting with a good friend f0r a cup of tea while you both get caught up on what’s what and spend a little time working on your current project.  She’s like my best knitting buddy!

So, with my fairly regular re-readings, checking up on techniques often enough that my book seems clairvoyant and BFF necklace with the book, it was kind of surprising to me when I realized I hadn’t really knit much from it.  Sure I’ve knit  a couple of stars from her Christmas fiddle-faddle (August), and shawls based on her Pi shawl (July).

But actual real projects?

Not really.

And I don’t know why.

I love the February Lady Cardigan, I’ve meant to do it since I got the book.  I have the yarn in my stash!  And the hats in June?  Love them!

Well, with some of them (ahem, Nethergarments (September) I’m looking at you!) just seem absurd to me.  With all the geometry that would be required to fit my belly/hips/etc, I don’t think there’s a universe where that would happen!  Even in the many-worlds interpretation…. but then again, applying what she wrote to making a pair of tall socks…. now there’s an idea I can work with!

So, in 2017 I’m challenging myself to knit at least one of the patterns from the Almanac for each month.  Or take apply the ideas to something that does work for me, won’t you join me?


2 thoughts on “Knitting the “Knitter’s Almanac”

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