Christmas Cookies!

It’s that time of year again!

It’s Christmas cookie time!

We try to make about four different kinds and try to spread the baking out over the course of a few evenings so that it doesn’t feel like such a rush.

This year we’ve started off by making peanut butter cookies on Monday for his soccer team (it was the finals!  They lost :() I may need to make a second batch to fill out the cookie plates but this is such an easy recipe and having extra peanut butter cookies is never a problem around here.

On Tuesday we made gingerbread trees using this recipe, which is apparently the same one Disneyland uses. Having not been to Disneyland (yet) I cannot confirm or deny that it is the same recipe, all I can say is that they are so good!  I really like the flexibility of this recipe with the refrigerating time, when we made this batch, we made up about half for the soccer team and left the other half in the fridge to be made up on Wednesday (yesterday) and both turned out beautifully!  I keep thinking maybe I should add a tiny bit more ginger but I am a big fan of ginger so your mileage may vary.  If I do end up making another batch this year and tinkering with the ginger amount I will let you know.

Today is an off-day because (a) it’s hockey night (b) it’s practically a blizzard out so I am hunkered down underneath many blankets with a cuddly dog and (c) the dishwasher needs to be run!

Tomorrow we plan on making these cookies which are insanely easy and get tons of compliments.  They are good “filler” cookies, taking up a lot room on the plate without taking all that much effort.  The Cool Whip makes them light and fluffy, and they practically melt in your mouth.  Our nephew can eat these by the plateful, and while he is not what anyone would consider a connoisseur, he is a sweetheart and always makes sure to say thank you when he takes handfuls of cookies!

At some point next week we will be making my Great Grandmother’s shortbread cookies, and maybe something full of chocolate!

What’s on your baking list this time of year?


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