Pavonis Cardigan

I’m so sorry for the delay – I’ve been recovering from a migraine and trying to get some Christmas running done while Lance is still willing to help.  I’m not in love with these photos so I’m going to try and get better ones in the next few days.

Without any further excuses, I present my finished Pavonis cardigan!

The pattern is written by the lovely Robynn Weldon and is available on Ravelry.  I received my copy of the pattern in return for test knitting the XL size.  The pattern was well written and Robynn was a lovely designer to test for.  I highly recommend this pattern and have my eye on several of her previous patterns!  If she were to release a version of this pattern in fingering weight yarn I could see myself knitting a couple in different colour and/or lace combinations.

The pattern is written with full sleeves but, since I always push up my sleeves I made mine with three-quarter length sleeves.  The bind off is a touch tight, so I will be redoing that this evening.

I like the way the shoulders are created but I did have some trouble picking up the stitches for the sleeves.  I am fairly certain this trouble was created due to the floofiness of the baby alpaca yarn and/or user error.  I think that if I had have used a sturdier yarn things would have been a lot easier.  One of the test knitters bound off and then cast on stitches for the armholes, and then picked up the stitches for the sleeves from there. If the “structural integrity” of the yarn you use is low (like the baby alpaca I used) I would suggest you consider this modification but if you are smarter than I am, and use something sturdier, you should be ok.

While I was knitting I was thinking I maybe should have done an extra repeat or two on the longer side.  Now having blocked the lace, I am happy with results.  I think for this size the lace repeats as written are prefect.

(I’m so sorry for the face I’m pulling here, Lance was being a dork and I think I was giving him heck when he snapped this one… Unfortunately it is the best of the photos he took :s)

This sweater took me a long time to knit (almost 6 months) but it is an XL sweater in lace weight with intricate lace work and beading.  I am tickled pink with my results and cannot wait to rock it this holiday season.


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