So… what do you *do* when you’re knitting?

One of the top three questions I get asked when I’m knitting is “what do you do when you’re knitting?” (The other two are “is that hard?” And “Will you make me a ____?”  The answer to both of them is “No!”). The answer to the first one, well a lot of things!

  1. Watch Lance’s sports

    Lance is very active in sports, from about September to about April he plays hockey one night a week and soccer twice a week, plus any pick-up games. From about May to September, he plays baseball a couple of nights a week and usually at least once on the weekend. So, I spend a lot of time in the stands at various sporting parks. He needs someone in the passenge seat so he can drive in the HOV lanes, I get a couple of hours of guilt-free knitting! No matter the score, I call that a win 😉

  2. Socialize

    There are very few things better than gettting together with some friends. Add in something simple like a vanilla sock, Grandma’s favourite dishcloth or miles and miles of stocking stich and boom you’re being productive at the same time… just make sure if you’re working on anything complicated that you stick with just tea (learn from my fail here, any tinking or ripping back will be even more painful than normal).

  3. Podcasts

    I am a big fan of the CraftLit podcast. Heather is such a great podcaster, and learning more about the context of classic literature has been fascinating. Currently the podcast is working on the Count of Monte Cristo (which I don’t think I ever read but I do have distinct memories of watching the Wishbone version on tv!). If you like the podcast there is also a subscriber podcast that just finished working on The War of the Worlds.

  4. Audiobooks

    I’ve got a subscription to Audible and every month I love looking over the books and listening to the samples of different books I’m considering (Nick Offerman reading Tom Sawyer was recently added!). If you’re like me and your to-read pile is growing faster than you can read it, maybe give Audible a look.
    Or if you are a fan of classic literature (or anything old enough to be public domain) maybe give Librivox a look. The quality can be a little hit or miss sometimes, but they are free, so there’s that. If you’re new to Librivox, or haven’t heard the reader before I recommend downloading only the first three or four chapters before downloading the whole book just in case. Knock on wood, I haven’t had much problems with annoying readers, and I’ve worked through the backcatalouge of some really good ones.

  5. TV and Movies

    I love classic films, Audrey Hepburn will always be my favourite actress (and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador) and as a result I watch a lot of TCM. We also watch a fair amount of sit-coms and I love a good British drama (but nothing to tense – it messes with my tension!). Lance also plays video games, so I spend a lot of evenings watching him play.
    So… What do you do when you knit?


One thought on “So… what do you *do* when you’re knitting?

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