Comfort foods

With the fall weather, there has been some definite nesting going on over here.  And food-wise that means a lot of soups or stews, bread or biscuit and peanut butter cookies.

We don’t have an actual recipe we follow for our soups, just a general idea.  Depending on what we have on hand, we either put in a beef soup bone or a package of stew beef, beef broth if we have a box open, a couple of cans of vegetables, (usually mushrooms and until we use them up, corn — we accidentally bought a second case from Costco before we used up the first one!  Oops!  Good thing we like corn!) if we have some we toss in a few potatoes and fresh carrots and then whatever is in the fridge that sounds like it might be good in the mix we have going on.  It is never the same twice but always good.  Oh, and the main difference between my soup and stew — how thick it ends up being.  On the very rare occasion I’ll add a thickener like corn starch but I usually don’t worry too much either way.  Throw it all in a crock pot on low for an afternoon and ta-dah!

For bread and biscuits we have two main recipes we like.  This potato bread is great because the amount of potato is flexible, an important consideration in our house.  My all time favourite biscuit recipe is this (NSFW language) one I found on Pinterest.  It makes cheddar biscuits like at Red Lobster and they disappear so fast!  Just thinking about them makes me want to make up a batch… maybe later this afternoon….

Anyway, I have never met a peanut butter cookie that I don’t love.  Kraft has a fairly standard recipe that I use most of the time.  It’s adaptable so if you want chocolate chips or such, you can toss them in,  if you’re feeling particularly ambitious I can highly recommend tossing in about half a cup or so of chocolate chips and another half a cup or so of mini marshmallows for a s’mores cookie.

What are some of your favourite fall cozy recipes?  


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