Uncommon items I keep in my knitting bag

Much like my purse, my knitting bag often has many items that I have “just in case”.  I don’t always use them, in fact, some I’ve rarely used, but I know the moment I leave them at home I will have a catastrophic accident and the missing item will be the exact thing I need to save me! 😉

On a normal day I carry with me:

  • Post-it Notes

    I  am a note maker.  I make a note when I stop knitting. I make a note when I get tripped up by my knitting.  Stray thought, make a note.  Idea for what to make for dinner, note.  Design idea, note.  Blog post, note!  Personally I like this set up, with the different colour tabs for different things and the larger paper for longer notes but your set up doesn’t need to be this fancy.  If scrap paper held together with a paperclip is  good for what you need, go for it!

  • mechanical pencils

    I used to keep a regular pencil and a pencil sharpener in my bag but one time the cover that caught the pencil shavings until I could empty them was not closed and the shavings got all through my knitting!  It was a disaster trying to get all the little peices out because of course, I didn’t notice right away, and my knitting was on the bottom of my bag.

  • an eraser

    Pretty self explanitory, right?

  • travel sized hand lotion

    I find if I am working with acrylic, or lace weight too long my hands tend to get tense, and for me the best way to relieve that tension is rub in a little hand lotion. Since Lance travels fairly regularly for work, I have a stash of tiny lotion bottles, but if you have a favourite brand, small refillable bottles are available at most pharmacies or department stores.

  • nail file

    I am a recovering nail biter, and to me there is nothing more tempting than a nail that is getting ever-so-slightly caught on the yarn as I’m knitting. But, with a few quick flicks with my nail file, problem solved!

  • dental floss

    Dental floss is awesome – you can string beads with it, you can use it for a life line, it has it’s own cutter and if you get something stuck in your teeth it has your back!

  • small crochet hook

    Dropped stitches are the stuff of nightmares!  But with a small crochet hook and a little practice, you can fix them without a second thought.  Garter stitch is a little tricky but stocking stitch is pretty intuitive (although I hope you don’t have to do it very often!)

  • at least one safety pin

    Impromptu stitch marker, catch a dropped stitch before it has a chance to unravel, mark where you started that evening so you can see you are slowly but surly making progress on miles and miles of stocking stitch… these little beauties are worth their weight in gold!

  • an empty ZipLock bag  (1L size)

    Don’t get me wrong – I love fancy project bags.  I’ve got a couple, I’ve even made a couple.  But when it comes down to it, I usually go with a plain old ziplock bag.  It’s sturdy, durable, waterproof and if it gets wrecked, I have a whole box more for way less than the price of one fancy bag!

  • a pencil case to corral all this stuff!

    Ok, being perfectly honest, technically it is a makeup bag I got for free from Sephora, but the point is it is a small bag, that I can keep all this stuff in.  I used to use a sandwich sized baggie, but since neither Lance nor I pack a lunch we don’t often have them around.

    So, what’s some of the stuff you have to have in your knitting bag?


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